Using NLP to Enhance your Communication Skills

7 Sep 2011


The next 3 Saints Business Club event takes place on the 7th September 2011

Starting at 6pm at the Three Saints Hotel, Llantrisant Business Park

Martin will be giving a talk about how understanding and using some techniques of NLP, will help you communicate effectively with your clients and prospective new customers.

There are lots of myths going around about NLP and any form of Coaching, which Matin wants to desolve and help you take advantage of, by using the techinques to your advantage, which will enable you and your business to gain addtional sales and help to improve and remove stress levels in your life and busines world.

Have you ever been with a potential new customer and felt unsure, what to say and found at times there were periods where you almost felt you had disengaged with them?

Well Martin has great news for you and will show you the tools and ways to engage your customers which will in tern make them your new clients, purely because you have a new understanding about their needs.

You then have the advantage over them, that you can read and understand their requirements fully and provide them with choices and put solutions in place to meet their own or business needs!

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