Feasibility Study - Linking Ageing Research with Business Questionnaire

24 Jun 2010




Did you know?

· That people aged 50+ make up an increasing proportion of our population – they will constitute a quarter of the population in Wales by 2031 and within 10 years the global population aged over 65 will outnumber those under 5 years of age?

· That people aged 50+ have more disposable income than any other age group and account for half of all consumer spending across the EU?

· That a large number of business start-ups are driven by this market, accounting for over a quarter of UK start-ups in recent years?

Yet, only 10 per cent of marketing campaigns are aimed at this group?

It is essential that business and industry in Wales grasp the significant opportunities and challenges presented by an ageing population, now.

Recognising this demographic revolution and its potential benefits for business and industry in Wales, we at the Centre for Innovative Ageing (CIA) at Swansea University, have been funded by the Welsh Assembly Government to undertake a Feasibility Study to quantify the market needs of business in relation to the opportunities presented by an ageing population. Moreover, it will establish whether there is a market need for a knowledge transfer centre (university based centre that will transfer knowledge and expertise on ageing issues between the university and the private, public and voluntary sector). This will build upon the expert research and training undertaken by the CIA on the social, economic and health aspects of ageing.

The study is of significant strategic importance in Wales in terms of developing the economy, meeting business workforce needs and promoting the well being of older employees, as well as improving the quality of life of older people of Wales and beyond.

We would therefore be grateful if you could spare a few moments to complete a short questionnaire which can be accessed by clicking on the following link: href="">>

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