Bellas Lingerie Goes Green

6 Apr 2009

Get fitted and recycle your old bra Is your underwear looking worn and tired? Do you have holes in the lace or straps stretched to within an inch of their life? Or do you have a bra at the back of the drawer that’s like new but doesn’t quite fit anymore? Are you in need of a lift?

If all this sounds familiar why don’t you bring your clean, laundered bra in to Bellas Lingerie, get fitted and receive 10% off a newly fitted

bra. All you need to do is bring your old bra to the shop within two weeks and we’ll do the rest!!

Why not tell your friends and family and make it a girlie day out!!

Give us a ring on 01443 408777 for more information.

Bellas Lingerie

The Lingerie Specialist

4A Mill Street, Pontypridd.

Tel: 01443 408777

30th March 2009