Are YOU maximising the value of your business… or are you working just for the taxman?

8 Hyd 2007

Are YOU maximising the value of your business… or are you working just for the taxman?

Many business owners find they work the last few years of their working lives just to pay their taxes as they have not planned their strategy for either the transfer or exit of their business - every year in Wales 5,000 businesses fail due to lack of succession or exit planning - don’t be one of them.

Contact Business in Focus now to develop your plan to ensure that you build significant additional personal and business value as well as stakeholder confidence with a TRANSFER plan, rather than potentially lose £100,000s in Tax and opportunity loss by failing to achieve true business value, which could seriously damage your pension and family security or even lose your business completely.

With only 25% of business owners, who intend to leave their business, saying they have any sort of exit plan and only 7% with a written exit or succession plan in place, or in preparation…there is a strong likelihood that you are NOT prepared for the exit or transfer of your business nor to achieve your maximum potential and to build the real value into your business as you develop it.

To help you with this challenge Business in Focus has partnered with William Battle Associates to bring their tried and tested TRANSFER programme to our clients in South Wales and beyond.

Following research undertaken by the DTI and additional ELWa funded research on SME succession planning in South Wales the TRANSFER programme was developed to specifically:

  • Maximise wealth for retirement
  • Avoid or resolve family conflict
  • Provide clarity of future roles and training needs for successors
  • Create the right legal, financial and tax framework
  • Put yourself in charge and save £100k’s in tax liability and opportunity loss
  • Guarantee business continuity with benefits for all stakeholders

Contact Business in Focus now for your FREE Transfer/Exit Self Assessment.

Complete this brief questionnaire and we will help you analyse the opportunities and risks for you and your business in putting in place the next steps for your business and recommend whether a Transfer plan is appropriate and where there is the greatest need for action.

Don’t be one of the 5,000 businesses in Wales that fail every year due to a lack of such planning…take action to guarantee your future, and that of your business, NOW!!

Just call us on 0870 970 70 70 for your FREE self assessment or ask for Phillip Ellis, Ram Morjaria or Ian Jones to discuss the next seminar, business breakfast meeting or personal & confidential meeting on succession planning and exit management.

Confidential Business Breakfast will be held on The 17th, 18th & 19th October in the RCT and Bridgend areas.